Elena & Jonny | Dream Engagement | Disneyland, CA

This decadent, Disney day of love was one of my all time favorite shoots to date! Elena and I share a huge love for Disney, and when the idea was posed to do a fantasy engagement shoot in the park, Jonny was the final piece to the puzzle! 

Besides being a GORGEOUS couple, Jonny and Elena have made an incredible team for the past 5 years.  He's her smart and dreamy musician, and she's his savvy, and oh so fashionable sweetheart. Snow White's wishing well was the ideal backdrop for Jonny to drop down to one knee and remind us all that chivalry is alive and well. I am so in love with Elena's emerald ring hugged in diamonds, it popped perfectly against her lush, ruby dress. 

It was so fun having Goofy and Pluto photo bomb us in California Adventure! I am so honored to get to capture timeless moments like these. I wish Elena and Jonny a lifetime of happiness and love!  

Thank you to Chris Allport for your amazing videography of the day!


And they lived happily ever after.......